Women of the Bakken

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By being true to the ideas we represent, we elevate the audiences’ relationship to it. Like becomes love becomes a passion. Passion becomes advocacy. And we see the idea blossom from within, creating a whole story the audience embraces. That’s when the idea can truly flex its muscles.


We believe ideas come from everyone, everywhere.

Call for Content

We are looking for content for the next issue of Women of the Bakken Magazine. If you are a writer or photographer, send a one paragraph proposal to monmouthcitypress@gmail.com. If you can tell a compelling story or are a great photographer, please do not hesitate.

Topics + Ideas

  • Photo Essays
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainable Living
  • Cities
  • Restaurants -- interview the owner or a chef
  • Culture
  • Arts
  • Life in the bakken
  • History
  • The future
  • Wilderness -- What is your favorite spot to visit?
  • Landscape and cityscape photos (High Quality-- no cellphone pics)

Help us tell the story of the Bakken.

Women of the Bakken

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